Etol Fancy Yarn, established in 2003 in a heart of textile and trade city, Bursa. They producing high quality of fancy, tricot,knitting and hand knitting yarns with 20 years of experience and knowledge.  

Etol Fancy Yarn equipped with the last technology machines (Yumos, Crochet, Fancy Twist, Transfer, Folding and Skein) and professional staff as well as 20 years of experience. Likewise, company oriented with new market developments.  

Moreover, the company conducted an intense working by highly professional research and development staff about following and developing the last fashion products in the market. 

Particularly, varying numbers of fancy yarns and folding them by appropriate machines with different colours twist effects, giving an opportunity to manufacturing of single or double layer designs.

Etol Fancy Yarn has costumers’ satisfactions and interests based management policy. Nonetheless, producing yarn start from 0,5 NM and shows variety. This is clearly shown that, Etol Fancy Yarn is capable to meet with consumer demands and interests as well as innovator products within fast and quality service network.

 Furthermore, the company has wider numbers of customer portfolio through the advanced productive capacity, including %70 to overseas.

ETOL has been exporting many countries in the world particularly, The United States, England, Germany, Italy and Morocco. Similarly, the export network is growing and developing day by day. 

 Etol Fancy Yarn attends the most popular fairs in the world particularly H+H Cologne (Germany), Fast Textile (Poland) and TUYAP (Istanbul) to updating latest trendy and fashion products in the world. 

This year, ETOL is targeting to grown also in internal market as well as to being a new brand in the global market. 

Consequently, textile starts with yarn and you can find the best trendy and modern yarns in the ETOL Fancy Yarn.

 I and our professional staff, we are here for you. 


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